A Transfer’s Perspective

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A Transfer’s Perspective

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This post was submitted to a Proteacher.net Discussion Board for  Primary Grades.

It is an example of the anxieties that experienced teachers feel when they are placed in a new teaching environment.

You can read of the assumptions the transferring teacher makes about the principal’s motivation for the new grade-level assignment.

You can sense the fear of change in the bitter accusations about the principal’s leadership style.

The teacher-in-transition brings awareness to the financial impact of moving to a new grade-level, the cost of a classroom library.

 HELP! Don’t want to change teaching assignments!

“I have only taught in the primary grades during my whole career and I love this age group. I teach in a very low income community.

With education changing in my state, we no longer have any seniority. ( My principal is younger, and thinks I am “old school”.

She doesn’t back up the teachers when it comes to problems with parents and only worries about pleasing the parents so they won’t withdraw their kids. )

I now have been told I will have to teach sixth grade next year!!! NOT HAPPY WITH THIS PLAN. I will be retiring in a few years and don’t want to start over!

I have invested ALOT of money and time in the grade I teach.”

– Posted by Proteacher Member intoit33 @ http://www.proteacher.net/discussions/showthread.php?t=405557

How does your school address these type of concerns?

Share your responses.

Read one another’s posts.

Look for ways to help new members of your grade-level team.

Provide supportPromote excellencePrepare teachers for success.


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