What about you, the teacher?

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What about you, the teacher?

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Students get all the attention. Their needs are assessed.
They have curriculum designed to meet their individual needs.
They get differentiated instruction from well-trained educators.
They have a right to a school years’ worth of growth.
So . . . , how about you, the teacher?
Who pays attention to you each day?
Has anyone deliberately assessed your needs or interests?
Have professional development initiatives been designed with you specific needs in mind?
Have you ever received direct, individualized instruction from a trained educator?
Good teachers abound, but are good teachers getting an opportunity to become better?

How have you been supported by others in your school?

Share your responses.

Read one another’s posts.

Look for ways to help new members of your grade-level team.

Provide supportPromote excellencePrepare teachers for success.

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