Why Good Teachers Quit by Kay Bisaillon, Teacher

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Why Good Teachers Quit by Kay Bisaillon, Teacher

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In this article, Bisaillon paints an all-to-common portrait of an educator who consistently and effectively meets the emotional, social, and academic needs of her students, yet has few of her own needs met.

Bisailon writes of her friend, “She is losing faith that she is and can make a difference.”

This 20 year veteran is not being supported properly.

As a result, she doubts her ability to impact student learning.

I have not seen this teacher at work.

It may be that she needs to engage:
1) in professional learning (academic need),
2) go out for a drink every payday Friday with the team (social connectivity), or
3) work with an instructional coach (emotional support).

Either way, proficient or deficient, this teacher needs support.

Bisaillon outlines 7 areas of frustration and the resulting impact on the veteran teacher.

1. She’s Not Given Time to Adjust to the Newest Teaching Styles

“She left that discussion with her administration feeling inadequate, deflated and disrespected.”

2. She’s Swimming in Work at Home and At School

“She feels as if she is losing ground each day and trying to make it up the next.”

3. She’s Struggling to Learn Each New Program Introduced

“This time comes from her personal life. She will eventually learn it and get comfortable with it all, but it does come at an expense.”

4. She Does Not Feel Valued

“She is exhausted by the demands of her time and energy and doesn’t know how much more she has to give.”

5. Her Family (and husband) Misses Her

“Her grown children are worried because their mother is working all the time.”

6. Paperwork, Paperwork, Paperwork

“She is frustrated and overwhelmed by it.”

7.The Counter-Balance

“She will continue focusing on [the students’ needs] until all of the other ones become too much for her to handle.”

It is important to note that every area of frustration leads to an emotional or social impact.

Richmond, Virginia had teachers leaving school in the middle of the year due to ever increasing frustrations.

A local news station did an expose on the matter.

Read the article.

Engage in the comments.

Provide support.

Advocate for yourself.

Let’s balance the scales of pressure and support for ourselves and one another.

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