Educators need to open their eyes!

Yes, educators do need to open their eyes, but not for the reasons you may think.

We need to open our eyes to the interesting perspectives offered by 7 TED presenters.

Watch these inspiring TED Talks that link various industries to our field of education.

Each of the speakers looked outside their personal sphere of influence to design their professional offerings.

The presenters in these 7 TED Talks connect various industries to the field of education.

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1. Geoffrey Canada draws from the banking, healthcare and neuroscience industries to illustrate the importance of innovation in education.

2. Susan Cain draws from psychology, leadership, and business to illustrate the influence of classroom design on the creative and productive modes of the introverted student.

3. Margaret Heffernan draws from the fields of epidemiology and neural-biology to illustrate the power of constructive disagreements, debates, and arguments in generating progress.

4. Carl Honoré draws from urban design, holistic medicine, cooking, and sex to illustrate the influence of the obsessive quest for speed on us as adults, and our children.

5. Jarrett J. Krosoczka draws from memories of influential teachers and his grandparents to illustrate the importance of supporting arts education.

6. Dave Eggers draws from his experience in creating writing centers to illustrate value of community and professional engagement in supporting schools in meeting the literary needs of students.

7. Stuart Firestein draws from neuroscience to illustrate the value of focusing on what we don’t know, our ignorance, rather than what we do know, in our quest for learning.

From which industries, fields of study, or perspectives can you learn?

You will find all seven of the TEDTalks here.

Also, check out TED’s newest offering, TED Live. You can stream a TED Conference to your school or living room.