Hear ye, hear ye! We must hear ye!

crierIn an effective lesson design, students are the primary activators of the lesson.

For example, they may be working in small groups dialoguing with one another and presenting finished work.


At one point in the lesson, you may find yourself saying, “Remember, during your presentation, each person has to talk.”


Consider the rationale for your decree.

Is it vital to the learning experience that each student share?

Could the group presentation be just as impactful (or better) if each student filled a niche in accordance with their personal strengths?

You know, the old “jobs” concept. Students self-select roles in the group. One draws. One writes. One speaks.

Each contributes based on their area of self-perceived expertise.

From confidence to competence¬†(or maybe it’s the other way ’round).

Something to consider.