Celebrate the Cynic

cynicWe all have to deal with other people’s opinions, unsolicited comments, and silent judgments.

THEY may never change.

But WE can move from tolerating their disposition to, not only accepting, but embracing its presence in our lives.

Go into every situation knowing full well that they will redirect, question, or completely deny the validity of your direction, whatever that may be.

Turn the situation upon its head.

Use their disposition to help solidify your directionality, goals, and evaluation of progress.

Ask their opinion (because they’re going to give it to you anyway) before declaring your position as resolute.

Solicit the previously unsolicited.

Ask for counsel (because they’d give it to you anyway), and then examine your position.

Doing these things turns a perceived negative into an effective positive.

It allows them to be involved (because they would be anyway), but now you can control the timing and severity of their influence.

Utilize their skills to clarify your purpose.

See them as the blessing that they are.

Celebrate the cynics in your life.