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My name is Greg Schnagl. I began teaching in 1992 in a time with very little accountability for teachers. Since then the pressures upon teachers have grown significantly. Not in all bad ways, in my opinion. However, there have not been adequate supports for the new expectations, in my opinion.

Having taught six grade levels at seven schools in two states and one U.S. territory, I know the impact of change on a teacher. Through my writings and ramblings, I am here to provide focused supports for experienced educators. Administrators and teachers can use the stuff I provide here to help teachers manage the changes in their career.

You will see stuff from various industries adapted to our field of education because I look at things through multiple lenses. I have a BS in Business Management from Augsburg College in Minneapolis, MN. I went to the University of Guam to get my Teaching Certificate. From Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota I earned a MEd in Teaching and Learning (focused on Constructivism) and an EdD in Educational Leadership (focused on supporting newly hired, experienced teachers). If you want to know more about my professional experiences click here.


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Contact me at greg.schnagl@teachercentricity.com

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