FuelEd Schools

No, that is not a type-o.

That is the name of an exciting organization that, like TeacherCentricity, is dedicated to the social-emotional needs of educators.

I am so excited to have found others that see things as I do!

The mighty forces at FuelEd Schools believe that a teacher’s ability to build relationships with students, parents, and colleagues is the critical component to a teacher’s effectiveness and student achievement.

The research-based programs offered by FueledSchools empower teachers to build deeper and more meaningful relationships with all of the players in the learning environment. As a result of the positive relationships, teacher turn-over can be reduced while student achievement improves.

FuelEd Schools offers individual, small group, and workshop style sessions all of which are informed by research from the fields of social neuroscience, developmental psychology, and counseling psychology.

Check out the offerings at http://fueledschools.com/wordpress/

Follow them in the Twitter-sphere @FuelEdSchools

This Prezi provides an illustrative overview of the why, what, and how of FuelEd Schools.

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