Have you considered it? (probably not)

i we youThe boy was two, maybe three years old. He was holding his mother’s hand while they stood at the curb. He was eager to cross, but she, of course, stood fast. Through the window of the deli I could not hear her words, but understood her intention. She lowered her self to his level. She pointed to the curb. Looked left. Looked right. Spoke to him and shook her head. Looked left again. She then stood up and gestured to her left, right, and left. His eyes followed. He leaned as he looked. She looked at him. He nodded and together they crossed.

In just a few seconds, the mother utilized the most ancient form of pedagogy, I-We-You. First she explained the process of ensuring a safe crossing. Then she looked for traffic with him. Finally, she waited for him to make the call as to whether or not it was safe. I do. We do. You do.

Now shift gears and think about the adults in your school. Is your professional development designed with the I-We-You progression in mind? Do you use pre-assessments to determine which stage your teachers are at? Are they ready to go at it alone with a new concept? Do they need a mentor to guide them? Should they observe the concept in practice?

I-We-You. Something to consider.


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