Pros of Political Policy

The greatest benefit to the last twenty years of educational legislation has been the conversations.

I do not believe the policies directly benefited society, teachers or students, but it did get us all talking.

An argument is an exchange of ignorance, where as a discussion is an exchange of ideas.

Discussions generated the policies. Discussions are amending them. Discussions will form the future models.

It comes down to highly trained, well supported teachers.

Policies are just now being made regarding teacher evaluation.

These new policies should be more focused on professional development (or at least in conjunction with it).

We need to be engaged in the discussions to avoid the steep learning curve we all experienced with the student accountability legislation.

I do not know if we will ever “meet our ideal outcome” because it is a moving target.
My ideal would be to replace the process of maintaining the status-quo with a desire to create it.

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